Friday, October 22, 2010

OPI Obsessed

The transition from Summer to Fall is one of our favorites because of the changes outside and the changes we get to make to our wardrobe.  Don't ever forget that your nails are an accessory, too!  The polish colors for Fall are to-die-for so we just wanted to help you prepare your nails for Fall! OPI's Holiday/Winter line is inspired by the film starring Cher and Christna Aguilera, the Burlesque Collection. These polishes are SO much fun for the Holidays.  'Extra-va-vaganza' to spice up a little black dress, 'Teas-y Does It' for the office!  These polishes are the perfect accessory for all of your Holiday events.

And don't forget about the OPI Swiss Collection ($8.50 each @ Go!Spa) for some fabulous Fall nail colors.  We're still obsessed!  Joey loves 'Ski Teal You Drop' and Katie is wearing 'Glitzerland'!  Looking for something super dark?  We love 'William Tell' - so fun!

Pick a color from the Burlesque or Swiss Collections for your next mani/pedi!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Power of Mass"ahh"ge!

Fall is the perfect time to make a commitment to start taking care of YOU.  One of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy is to get regular massages.  Massages  are no longer considered just a luxury or special occasion gift.  Massages are really a necessity.  Many people today use their Health Savings Accounts to pay for  massages as a medical necessity.  People who get regular massages do so because they can attest to the following benefits. 
  • relaxation of mind & body
  • decreased perception of stress in your body
  • enhancement of overall health
  • reduces pain, stiffness and soreness
  • improves circulation, flexibility and mobility.  
  • lowers blood pressure
And if that's not enough for you, regular massages can also help to improve sleep and management of illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis and depression.  Massage is also very important in the recovery from accidents or injuries, allowing your body to refresh and strengthen itself.

Robin Arnold, one of Go!Spa's Mass"ahh"ge Pro's loves to customize massages based on the needs of her customers.  "Being able to customize allows me to give the customer exactly what they need to feel refreshed and renewed.  I like to work on YOUR problem spots, customizing the massage to fit YOUR needs based on the time allowed.  A good massage therapist should be able to do this for you." 

If you have never had a massage, we seriously encourage you to come experience our Spoiled Rotten Massage.  Know a massage lover?  The Holidays are almost here -- a Groove Club membership is a perfect & affordable gift for the person that can never get enough massages.  Just $45 a month for a great Mass"ahh"age, or upgrade to a Go!Spa Spoiled Rotten Mass"ahh"ge for just $15 extra.

Did you know we have Couples Mass"ahh"ges, too?  You and your significant other can relax in one of our cabanas while being Spoiled Rotten together!  "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!!" - Mae West

Call Go!Spa to book with our massage Pros today! (314)822-0772 or email us at

Monday, October 11, 2010

Go!Spa or Bust with your Old Gold Pieces!

She's coming back!!!
Bethany DeMaggio, of The Gold Rush at Home, will be bringing her scale and gold tester back to Go Spa! on October 21st at 11AM to 1PM and 4 to 6PM.

Start digging through your jewelry boxes and collect those single earrings, broken or twisted chains, bangles, charms, gifts from the "ex" or pieces that you'll probably never wear again!  It doesn't matter, as long as it's real gold, Bethany takes it all -- any color, any karat, any condition and you’ll receive a check on the spot.  Pieces containing stones, such as rings or necklaces, can be turned in as well (Nancy can remove stones in prongs for you).  Don't forget about those big old class rings and tell all of your Girlfriends... the more the merrier!  The Gold Rush is a great way to earn some money!  Have a girlfriend who can't make it?  Please feel free to bring gold for those who cannot attend, we will write a check out in their name for you to hand deliver to them!

Bethany does NOT take silver jewelry, starter earrings (the ones with the sharp point), earring backs or watches (unless clearly marked as gold).
Last time Bethany was here, she made some rich women out of our Go!Spa Girls.  One Girlfriend got $245 for her and her hubby's class rings, another got $97.50 for some old costume jewelry!  Let Bethany write you a check and book yourself a service to celebrate, we'll pamper you!

National Men Make Dinner Day is November 4!

November 4th is National Men Make Dinner Day, the one day of the year that you get to do nothing while your husband caters to you! Time for Dinner, a company that caters to YOU and your needs, is teaming up with Go!Spa so our hardworking Girlfriends can finally relax.

Time for Dinner makes things easier for YOU, allowing you to cook and hang out with friends, while prepping meals for you family!

On November 4th, Time for Dinner will help the man in your life make YOU dinner, while you kick back and relax.  The sessions will be geared towards men and showing them how easy it is to create a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Go!Spa will also be there to give complimentary mini mass"ahh"ges to all of the girls who can drag their guy to cook them dinner.  Your man can sample beer and snacks while you kick back and relax for your mini mass"ahh"ge!

For more information and to make reservations, please visit or call, 314-968-8463.

We hope to see you all there, Girlfriends.  You deserve it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Boss's Day is October 16!

Does your boss need to relax?  October 16 is National Boss's Day and at Go!Spa, we want to help you celebrate the Women in Charge in your life.  

Give your boss the gift of our 'lil pink box with a Go!Spa gift card and receive a FREE gift card for a Mani on the Go for yourself!  (Gift card purchase must be valued at $75 or more)

Or how about a working lunch for the boss that never stops?  Bring your boss in on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, spend $50 on services for the 2 of you and receive ONE FREE lunch from the Daily Bread!  Let your boss kick back and relax!  Her Pedi is on you and her lunch is on us!  Our 16ft. Pedi sofa is perfect for a multi-tasking Pedi/Lunch.  (Must spend $50 on services to receive FREE lunch, gift card purchases not applicable)

Go!Spa will be celebrating Boss's Day now until October 24.  Give us a call, Girlfriend!
Don't forget to mention this blog when booking, Girlfriend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Feeling Smitten? We Are!

Berry Bomb
Look what came just in time for our birthday month!
How cute are these Cupcake Bath Bombs from Feeling Smitten?  Just drop in your bath and relax with a glass of wine, letting the tasty scents stimulate your senses!  

Cherry On Top
Since it is Go!Spa's 5th Birthday, Cupcakes are fitting!  Cupcake Bath Bombs make great gifts -- whether its for a Girl on the Go or a Hostess with the Mostest.  Give her a Cupcake Bath Bomb with a Go!Spa gift card and throw it in one of our 'lil pink boxes!  A gift any Girlfriend would love!

Don't these flavors look and sound delish?  Lucky you Girlfriend, because you can come pick them up at Go!Spa!  See you soon.