Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Start the New Year off Right!

You know the saying, Girlfriend, "A New Year, A New You," but the New Year doesn't have to be about changing who you are.  The New Year can be about bettering yourself & just taking care of YOU!  It is so important to take care of yourself so that you can be a better person for the other people in your life.  How can you take care of everyone else if you don't take some time for yourself?

In the New Year, we are vowing to take better care of ourselves & stay on track with our relaxation regiment!  Our Groove Club is a great way to stay on track with what your body needs; it allows you to come in once (or more!) a month for spa services.  With our monthly Groove Club membership, you can treat yourself to discounted mass"ahh"ges, facials & mani/pedis!  You can also discount all other services by 10%!

Spa services are a great way to take care of yourself & your body, and to give you some time to relax & rejuvenate.  Girlfriend, you will need all the relaxation you can get at the start of this busy year!  Who knows what the New Year will bring?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Massage the Pain Away, Girlfriend!

Girlfriends, did you know that fibromyalgia is a chronic and painful condition that can have an impact on every aspect of your life?  You may not even realize that you currently suffer from fibromyalgia.  Sufferers usually ache all over and have bouts of sleeplessness.  They may experience severe fatigue that will increase throughout the day.  Some sufferers also express that they feel anxious and depressed about feeling the way they feel.

Girlfriend, if you're affected with this condition, pain and fatigue probably top your list of complaints and we understand why!  These factors alone can make you feel anxious and depressed thereby heightening your sensitivity to pain.  Combine that with the other symptoms you may be experiencing such as headaches, lack of focus and insomnia and its no surprise that your situation seems unbearable!  We want to help you help yourself!  Lightening your load ANYWHERE will help to fill up physical and emotional resources that you need to heal.  Mass"ahh"ge is an important tool for this.

Pain Relief -- A lack of sleep, stress and long periods of sitting or standing can aggravate a vicious pain cycle.  Since mass"ahh"ge stimulates the release of endorphins, your body's natural pain killers, you can experience a welcome & well-deserved break from pain.  Mass"ahh"ge also increases circulation, which cleanses tissues of fluid build up and by-products of inflammation as increased oxygen and nutrients flow to contracted muscles which can in turn allow you to relax, ease your headache and reduce the severity of flare ups.

Stress Relief -- Mass"ahh"ge calms the nervous system, relaxing muscle tension and easing anxiety.  Stress levels go down, freeing energy for functions such as digestion (vital nutrients) and repair of damaged tissue.  Knowing that you can alleviate symptoms can give you some control over your situation, which in turn, reduces stress.

Better Sleep -- Many people have reported a deeper and more sensitive sleep after a mass"ahh"ge session.  Improving sleep is vital for you since poor sleep contributes to fatigue and muscle tenderness.  When you are feeling more relaxed, your pain sensitivity eases, leaving you with increased energy.

Emotional Support -- Your mass"ahh"ge therapist understands that you may be feeling alone.  He or she should listen to you and take your symptoms seriously.  Massage offers the most basic of emotional support -- a healing, caring touch.

Mass"ahh"ge should be a break from pain and everyday anxiety.  You should be aware that any treatment--even mass"ahh"ge--is going to greatly improve your quality of life!  You deserve a break sometimes, Girlfriend!

Your mass"ahh"ge therapist can cater to your needs!  Building a relationship with your mass"ahh"ge therapist will allow them to get to know YOU & your body!  Go!Spa mass"ahh"ge Pro Robin Arnold says that her favorite type of mass"ahh"ge is one that is customized the the customers needs!  So speak up, Girlfriend, and let your massage therapist know what they can do to help YOU!

It's a New Year Girlfriend, so you have to vow to take care of yourself & your body!  You can give yourself a much needed & deserved break with a relaxing massage.  We know you're on the Go -- Go!Spa has 20 minute, 40 minute or hour long mass"ahh"ges!  Click here to book an appointment with one of our massage Pros!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go!Spa Gift Guide: Hostess, Mom, BFF & More!

Go!Spa has great gifts for ALL the girls on your list!  Our Unique Boutique has gifts for girls of all ages & don't forget our about our trusty Lil Pink Box!  Who doesn't love the gift of relaxation?  Get her one of these holiday packages on a gift card!

These scarves are SO much fun!  An easy accessory & your Girlfriends will be dying to know where you got it!  Guys -- this is the perfect gift for all the girls on your list from your wife to sister to daughter!  The scarves come in a variety of colors, textures & patterns!  

A color to match every outfit.

Teens & Tweens
Looking for the perfect little gift for all the teens & be-tweens on your list?  Check out these super fun glitter pencil cases & cosmetic bags!  Mini notebooks & glitter pens, too!  They'll LOVE the bling!  Looking something for them & YOU?  These wristlets are perfect for all Girls on the Go!  You'll never forget your credit card, license or phone again -- it ALL fits in this lil wristlet!  Perfect stocking stuffers for your little girls, too!

 Frames & Candles for the Hostess with the Mostess, mom, aunt, teacher, neighbor & more!  Girlfriend, this is the perfect gift for YOURSELF, too!  We have a variety of frames that may just match your Holiday decor!  Wouldn't those tea light holders look GREAT on your table?

Feeling Smitten Cupcake Bath Bombs!  These Cupcake Bath Bombs look so good you could eat them! Each one looks more delicious than the next in flavors that we know & love: Gingerbread, White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha & Sugar Plum for the holidays!  Don't worry -- we still have our old favorites like Pink Bliss & Mellow Mimosa!

Aromatherapy candles. Mmm they smell SO good!  They have cute name.  "Re-bound" is perfect for your newly single Girlfriend.  "Christmas Presence" is appropriate for anyone on your list this Holiday season!   "Chill out" for the tween or teen!  They'll think of you everytime they use it!  We have super cute match boxes, too!  Fun & easy gift under $30!
For the Girl who knows what she wants!
Is your Girlfriend, wife, BFF, sister, coworker, etc. a Go!Spa regular?  Give us a call & tell us her name, and we can tell you her favorite services!  You can get her a series of her FAVORITE service!  Just buy 5 & get 1 free!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Holidays from Go!Spa to You!

Celebrate the Holidays Go!Spa style!

 Girlfriend, you know what they say, "Giving is better than receiving!"
A gift card & Lil Pink Box is the perfect way to spread some Go!Spa cheer!
Check out our Holiday Specials below for some great gift ideas for them & you (just attach this link in an e-mail to your hubby or BF, we think they'll get the hint!)

Looking for the gift that keeps on giving?  Get her a 6 month or 1 year Groove Club Membership!  Trust us, this is so much better than Fruit or Cookie of the Month memberships. You pay $45 a month & she gets a Mani/Pedi, Mass"ahh"ge or Facial EVERY month or she can upgrade to longer services at a discount!  She's sure to think of you every time she walks into Go!Spa to use her monthly membership.

Don't forget that the Holidays are an especially difficult time for those who are less fortunate than us.  While shopping for gifts & Holiday preparations are major concerns this month, there are many people who won't even have food on their table this Holiday season.  Go!Spa is collecting canned & boxed foods and donations for St. Louis Area Foodbank.  Stop by while you're out & about preparing for the Holidays or drop off a donation while you're at Go!Spa for services.

Give yourself a break & sp"ahh" with us this Holiday season!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Put A Little Junk in Your Trunk, Girlfriend!

Celebrate the Holidays Go!Spa style at our "Put A Little Junk in Your Trunk" Show featuring Scarlett Garnet handmade jewelry and Blue Bird Denim custom made jeans.

Christmas is right around the corner and at this point, you're probably sick & tired of shopping.  Our trunk shows are a fun way to shop because they allow you to pamper yourself AND shop in a friendly & relaxing environment.  Girlfriend, we want to lighten your load and eliminate the hassles of shopping malls & department stores.  Come to Go!Spa for a quick & easy shopping experience.  If you want to stay awhile, you can book services & shop in between!

Two amazing local brands will be at Go!Spa on December 9th.  Join us for a Holiday Trunk Show & some Go!Spa cheer!

Two fabulous women are the designers for Scarlett Garnet jewelry -- cool handcrafted pieces that are sure to make a statement!  Scarlett Garnet is so much fun to accessorize with because people always ask about the unique pieces.  Scarlett Garnet Jewelry has great gifts for your Girlfriends, daughter, mom, sister & more!

Girlfriends, have any of you almost given up on buying denim because it just doesn't fit right?  We feel your pain & we have found the answer!  Blue Bird Denim is CUSTOM MADE DENIM, meaning, the jeans are MADE to fit YOU!  Jeans can already cost so much, why not put that money towards a pair that are actually made to fit your body type!  A great pair of jeans can make you look & feel amazing!  Give yourself that little boost of confidence this Holiday season.

And don't forget!  Go!Spa's Unique Boutique has lots of cute gift items & stocking stuffers.  Scarves, Feeling Smitten Bath Bombs, unique frames, OPI nail polish & more!