Monday, September 27, 2010

Get into the Groove Girlfriend!

Hey Girlfriends!  If you haven't heard about Go!Spa's Groove Club, you are really missing out.  If you don't have a routine, taking care of yourself can sometimes feel like a job!  The Groove Club makes pampering yourself easy AND affordable for Girls on the Go!

Talk about savings!  The Groove Club costs just $45 per month and allows you to enjoy some of our favorite services at discounted prices:
  • Go!Spa Mani and Pedi ($62 value)
  • Go!Spa Facial ($65 value)
  • Go!Spa Massage ($55 value)
The Groove Club also allows members to upgrade to Spoiled Rotten Services when they need a little extra TLC.  Upgrade to the following services for just $15 extra at the time of your visit:
  • Go!Spa Mani & Spoiled Rotten Pedi ($84 value)
  • Spoiled Rotten Massage ($75 value)
  • Spoiled Rotten Facial ($75 value)
Other perks of being a Groove member:
  • Apply your membership fee to any other service and receive a 10% discount
  • Two Hall Passes -- allowing you to share your monthly service with a friend or family member
  • Rollover an unused balance from previous month (Unused services balance shouldn't exceed $90, we want you to keep up, Girlfriend!)
  • Retail specials for Groove members only
Feeling Groovey?  Stop by Go!Spa to fill out a Groove Club membership form!  Get your Girlfriends to join too and make it a monthly Girls' Day Out!  We can't wait for you to join our group of loyal Groove Club Girlfriends.

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  1. OMG! Love my NEW Burlseque OPI toes. Going out tomorrow night in strappy shoes. Look out girlfriends!


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