Thursday, October 4, 2012

NEW in our boutique...

NEW ARRIVALS just for you!! And more are on the way....

 "Flipped Bird" cuteness! The hair tie gift sets make great gifts & the headbands are reversible!

We LOVE these "Flipped Bird" reversible cross-body bags & tech cases... 2 bags in 1! The tech cases are just perfect to hold your iPad or e-reader... just the right amount of padding.

"Safari Murano" glass beaded bracelets.. just $10!! Such a great gift...

Stop by & shop with us!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding Balance in your Life Through Massage

Finding Balance in your Life Through Massage

 When I talk to people, I hear all kinds of reasons why people don't get massages as frequently as they should. Most people refuse to find the time because they feel the massage is "just so self-indulgent." The truth, however, is that although it may feel that way, allowing yourself the time and space to heal is not self-indulgent. In fact it is necessary and not giving yourself that space in which to decompress may contribute to a myriad of health issues. As people, we generally suffer from a severe lack of personal space, between facebook, twitter, television and others demanding our time and attention. But when was the last time you took time out for YOU? Feeling a little GUILTY about it? If you don't have personal time and space you should feel at least a smidgen of guilt. It's not fair to you and consequently, it's not fair to those around you. This act is essential for a physical and psychological health and if you aren't healthy how can you expect to take on the weight of the world. As so many others in your life probably expect you to? Getting bodywork has been proven over the ages to help relieve not only mental strain but also physical strain on the your body. I liken it to getting the oil changed in your car. To the engine, it feels really good but it is necessary for things to function properly. Not only does it prevent breakdowns but it improves gas mileage, ups the power and the longevity of the car.
Massage is the same way...
If you give yourself some personal space, someplace to let go and just be in the moment for yourself you will have more patience for those kids that may drive you bonkers, less take home stress from your job which affects how you interact with everyone from your spouse to the family pets.

When we find balance within our own body we untether the body's innate ability to heal. Begin your journey into BALANCE a mystical place that allows your mind to unlock the ability to heal your body. It will be worth the investment in yourself I promise.
So BOOK your MASSAGE today!

Sam Morrison

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bikini So Teeny...

Essie's NEW collection is here & we are LOVING it!  These colors are just perfect for summertime manicures & pedicures!
 (left to right) Fear or Desire, Off the Shoulder, Cascade Cool, Bikini So Teeny, All Tied Up, Mojito Madness

LOVE these summer shades!!  Bikini So Teeny, Mojito Madness & Off the Shoulder are out faves! What do you think girlfriends?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Mother's Day Gift!

Don't know what to give for Mother's Day?

Look no further!  The perfect gift is waiting here for you!  Glennon Gourmet is a cookbook filled with 450 scrumptious recipes and 37 from some of our towns favorite chefs and restaurants...The Crossing, Sidney Street Cafe and Lucas Park Grill just to name a few. A great gift for anyone because there are recipes for every level of culinary expertise!  And, what a great feeling to know that all proceeds benefit SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.  Stop by today to get the Glennon Gourmet cookbook!

A perfect gift for mom, wife, mother-in-law, grandma, aunts & more!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spa Sampler Wednesdays.... Pick THREE for $60!

Just wanted to share this great special with you Girlfriends! If you've never been to Go!Spa (or if you just LOVE our services...), this is the perfect chance to give us a try! For just $60, you can get a sampling of THREE of our fabulous Go!Spa services!

Every Wednesday in April & May!

Pick ANY Wednesday in April or May & allow yourself some much needed relaxation for just 1 hour (or more)!

Give us a call or email to schedule your appointment!

Mother's Day is May 13: Treat Mom Like A Queen!

Spoil mom this year with a gift that will pamper her from head to toe!

Treat your mom like a queen with one of our Mother's Day packages. She's always so busy taking care of everyone else--give her a day all to herself! We will take good care of her & make sure that she is pampered from head to toe!

Spoiled Rotten Mom
1hr. Mass"ahh"ge & 1hr. Facial for $135 
(a $150 value)

Queen for a Day
Mom will get a 1hr. Mass"ahh"ge & Facial and a Spoiled Rotten Mani & Pedi for $230
(a $255 value)

Mother/Daughter Spa Day
 Relax with Mom for a Feelin' Fabulous Facial & Go!Spa Pedi for 2 for $120
(a $136 value)

Mommy 2 Be!
Mommy 2 Be Pedicure & Mass"ahh"ge plus a Perky Peepers eye treatment for $162
(a $180 value)

Call Go!Spa now to set up a spa day or purchase a gift card for YOUR fabulous mom!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kai Fragrance: Feel (and Smell!) Your Best!

Hi Girlfriends!  We just had to share our favorite new sp"ahhh" products with you from Kai Fragrance!  You will just love these scented oils, lotions, perfumes & more!
Our Kai Fragrance favorites!
This roll-on perfume oil is SO handy! It smells great & is the perfect size for your purse!

We love Kai's Body Glow, a hydrating body mist that leaves a radiant glow on your already gorgeous skin!

Kai's "Skylight" candle smells so light & pretty with an all-natural blend of soy, palm & coconut wax. Don't worry Girlfriend, it's slow-burning so you can savor the scent!

 We just LOVE Kai's scent so naturally we have to have the body lotion, too!  This is our go to body moisturizer!

Kai's body polish combines exfoliating salt with hydrating sugar.  The result?  Gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin!

Stop by & smell for yourself Girlfriends!  Check out our favorites & more!

11735 Manchester Rd.
Des Peres, MO

Friday, February 24, 2012

VOTE FOR US - Best Mani & Pedi and Best Spa!

Thanks to YOU Girlfriends we were voted Top 5 in Spa and Mani & Pedi in
 St. Louis Magazine's 2010 & 2011 A-List...

We need YOUR help to win again!!
This year we're up for Best Mani/Pedi in the St. Louis area & we need your help to win Best Spa, too! We're counting on you Girlfriends... vote for the spa you know & love!

Click HERE to vote for us Girlfriend!
(Don't worry - you don't have to fill out the entire ballot to cast your vote - just choose your fave STL categories!)

Don't forget to share the good news Girlfriend! Ask your friends to vote for us, too!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Turn back the clock Girlfriend!!
Looking for a wrinkle CURE? 
We just read this great article in Fitness Magazine's March 2012 issue about the best ways to ward off & help diminish wrinkles no matter what your age.  As we like to say here at Go!Spa, it's the only skin you will ever have so start taking care of it NOW and remember, it's never too late!

Fitness Magazine reports that the best ingredient to fight those wrinkles with is antioxidants.  Antioxidants protect our skin against toxins like pollution, smoke, and sunlight which can hurt/damage our skin.  These environmental irritants increase inflammation which breaks down collagen (what keeps your skin firm) and that's where are those little lines come from!  The skin professionals from Fitness Magazine say that vitamins C and E, ferulic acid, retinol & lycopene are the BEST of the best! And don’t forget the SUNSCREEN.  Don’t leave home without it ON Girlfriend!

So next time you are here at Go!Spa ask us about utilizing antioxidants in your daily care routine or facial regimen. 

Products WE love: the perfect products for fighting wrinkles & aging skin! 

  • SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic ~ we aren't the only ones who love this serum Girlfriend... it was chosen by New Beauty as the best anti-aging antioxidant product!
  • SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 ~ another New Beauty award winner!

Fight wrinkles with our NEW SkinCeuticals Alpha Beta Peel ($95), a multi-step 60% acid peel that smooths & refines texture, minimizes fine lines, stimulates collagen & fades hyperpigmentation.  A vitamin C mask lightens & brightens while improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin (20% Salicylic/10% Mandelic/20% Glycolic/10% Citric acids).

Friday, January 27, 2012


GNO with Go!Spa & Friends.
WHEN?  February 1st
WHAT? a FREE movie you will LOVE! 
pretzel boys 
Check in early for 6pm cocktails and complimentary goodies from our favorite Des Peres neighbors; CHILL & Pretzel Boy's!
Wind down with complimentary hand massages or polish changes with your favorite Go!Spa Nail Pro.
Seating begins at 6:30pm
Movie starts at 7pm
this means war
This romantic action chick flick opens on Valentine's Day but we are hosting a private, VIP pre-screening on February 1stjust for YOU Girlfriends!
Invite your Girlfriends (and your man!) & celebrate Valentine's Day early with sweet treats & a romantic action comedy! 

Follow the instructions below to RESERVE your tickets.
Click here to watch the trailer!
Great Escape Theaters
754 Gravois Bluffs Blvd.
Fenton MO 63026

(Directions from Go!Spa... the theater is located near 141 & hwy. 30)
Take hwy. 270 south
Take exit MO-30 (Gravois Rd.) west
Take 141 south
Make a right at the Gravois Bluffs
Your destination will be on the left
Go to & enter code: GOSPATAVG
You will need to Log In or Create an Account with gofobo to download your (2) FREE tickets!
 This is a private screening of a movie that has not been released to the general public. You will be asked to leave your cell phone in your car.  Bag check required prior to movie entrance. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

OPI Obsessed: Nicki Minaj has arrived!!!

Nicki Minaj is a recording artist with a unique & fun style that is ALL her own! Nicki is a total fashionista and she teamed up with OPI to create the fabulous, fun, NEW Nicki Minaj Collection

This collection is full of fun colors that totally show Nicki's personality and they are named after her songs! They may look a little out of your element at first Girlfriend but when you try on the pretty pink or one of the glitters - we know you'll feel fabulous! Step out of your comfort zone & try a Nicki Minaj mani or pedi!
From left to right: Super Bass Shatter, Save Me, Metallic 4 Life, Fly, Did it on 'Em and Pink Friday

Spa Sampler Wednesdays! Pick THREE for $60!

Just wanted to share this great special with you Girlfriends! If you've never been to Go!Spa (or if you just LOVE our services...), this is the perfect chance to give us a try! For just $60, you can get a sampling of THREE of our fabulous Go!Spa services!

Every Wednesday in April & May!

Pick ANY Wednesday in April or May & allow yourself some much needed relaxation for just 1 hour (or more)!

Give us a call or email to schedule your appointment!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New PEELS, New Skin!!!!

 2012 is HERE Girlfriend!

Kick-off the NEW year with one of our 3 NEW peels!
*JANUARY SPECIAL* Buy 2, get 1 half off!

SkinCeuticals Gel Peel
Smooths & refines texture, minimizes fine lines, stimulates collagen, helps improve appearance of problematic skin. Fades hyperpigmentation. 20% Glycolic/10% Mandelic Acid 

SkinCeuticals Alpha Beta Peel
Multi-step 60% acid peel that smooths & refines texture, minimizes fine lines, stimulates collagen & fades hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C mask lightens & brightens while improving appearance of sun-damaged skin. 20% Salicylic/10% Mandelic/20% Glycolic/10% Citric acids 

SkinCeutuicals Pigment Balancing Peel
Customized treatment targeting hyper-pigmented skin. Smooths & refines texture, minimizes fine lines, stimulates collagen. High performance brightening & anti-inflammatory agents dramatically improve uneven appearance of mottled, photo-damaged skin. 40% Glycolic/10% Citric Acids

These peels will have your skin LOOKING & FEELING younger in no time at all!
Call now to schedule yours! (314)822-0772