Saturday, September 24, 2011

You'll look DANG Good in these New Arrivals!

a v a i l a b l e   n o w   a t 

logo, pink

We have two NEW apparel lines that we know you will just LOVE Girlfriends! Stop by, shop & sp"ahh" with US!

These fun t-shirts are super cute, comfy and perfect for everyday! Wear while you're out & about running around or just hanging out at home. Pair with your favorite jeans or active pants and you'll look DANG good Girlfriend!


Great tops, tunics and dresses for everyday! Super cute and SO comfortable! You can LOOK great and feel fabulous and comfortable in these styles. The dresses are perfect for Fall vacay!

And many more!

Our Littlest Go!Spa Girlfriend

Jeanine had her baby! CONGRATS Jeanine!
We are thrilled and so happy for Jeanine and her family! We just wanted to introduce our Girlfriends to the little one!

Sydney Rose Schmuke

Born September 11, 2011
9 pounds, 11 ounces & 21 inches  
Sydney is such a little cutie and we cannot WAIT to meet her!

Jeanine will be back on December 1st and available to relax her faithful customers! We know you miss her as much as we do Girlfriends!

Call now & schedule your appointment with Jeanine!

Monday, September 19, 2011

SHATTER Breast Cancer with OPI

Throughout the summer we have been LOVING OPI's colorful collection of Shatter top coats to liven up an otherwise ordinary mani.  Shatter started in black and also came in silver, blue, turquoise & more. Now we have a fun NEW Shatter that fits perfectly with our Go!Spa style -- its OPI's annual, limited edition 'Pink of Hearts' polish and its SHATTER!

 This pretty pink polish was created in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month which is in October!  Since 2007, OPI has created a pretty 'Pink of Hearts' polish every year to build support for breast cancer awareness, research, and finding a cure.  This is the 5th exclusive, limited-edition 'Pink of Hearts' shade that has been released by OPI.

PINK is the color of hope, optimism & positivity.  Women can support each other and feel confident with the power of pink!  Wear your pink PROUD Girlfriend!

OPI's limited edition 'Pink of Hearts' Shatter is available NOW at Go!Spa for $8.00.

Purchase OPI's 'Pink of Hearts' SHATTER & support breast cancer awareness, research & finding a cure!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW: Sporty Girl Mass"ahh"ge

 This one is for all of our Sporty Girlfriends out there! 
Runners, bikers, tennis & ball players -- this is the mass"ahhh"ge for YOU!

Sporty Girl Mass"ahh"ge  /  1.5 hours  /  $110
Our new SPORTY GIRL MASSAGE is a customized, 1.5 hour massage created to relieve tightness & stress in overworked areas as a result of physical activity or posturing. Includes integration of deep tissue, myofacial relase and stretching as needed.

*BUMP IT UP GIRLFRIEND! Add one of these NEW extras on to your next massage for EXTRA relaxation & TLC!*
Aromatherapy Massage  /  $5 
Turn your massage into a customized aromatherapy massage with a blend of our favorite essential oils!

Foot Scrub Massage  /  $10
Extra footsie TLC is here! Add on a smoothing & hydrating Peppermint Foot Scrub to your next massage service.


You work hard & so does your body, Girlfriend. You deserve a break! Remember that a major part of looking & feeling great is taking the time to take care of YOU!

Give us a call with any questions or to schedule a massage with one of our Massage Therapists!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Slava - NEW Go!Spa Mass"ahh"ge Pro!

We just wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our growing Go!Spa Team, Slava!


Slava is a Massage Therapist with 11 years experience. She has lived in St. Louis for 12 years.

Slava loves what she does!  She truly loves massage because it allows her to make people feel happier and healthier.  Slava has a great energy about her and wants to pass that happiness and positivity on to everyone she meets!

When Slava is not doing massage, she lives a very active lifestyle.  She enjoys walking and exercising and LOVES yoga!

Slava is available at Go!Spa on Tuesdays from 10am-5pm and Sundays 11am-4pm.

High-Tech Relief for Texting, Tweeting & Facebooking Girlfriends!

Tech Girl massages for our texting, Tweeting, typing, Facebooking, clicking & overall hard-working Girlfriends! 

Joey worked closely with our Massage Therapists to create these two new mass"ahh"ges that cater specifically to our On-the-Go texting, Tweeting, blogging & Facebooking Girlfriends out there!  Sometimes we text and type all day long and don't really realize how much we are straining our muscles until the day is over and they are aching.  Let our Massage Pros ease the tension in your fingers, hands and arms (and give you a break from all that work, too)!

If you are typing, texting & Tweeting all day you need some Tech Girl or High Tech Relief girlfriend!
Try our two NEW techy massages today!

Tech Girl Relief  /  20 min.  /  $35
For maniac texters, keyboarders, Wii & social networking Girlfriends--here is a mini mass"ahh"ge to relieve carpal tunnel, wrist and forearm tendon strain from over-work & use. For tennis & sporty Girlfriends too!

High Tech Relief  /  40 min.  /  $55
40 minute custom massage to relieve strain of carpal tunnel area, wrist, and forearm associated with maniac texting, Tweeting, video gaming or just hard-working keyboarding Girlfriends. Neck & shoulder work included.


Call Go!Spa and set up YOUR Tech Girl or High Tech Relief massage today! (314)822-0772

*For a limited time ONLY, enter to win a FREE 30 minute Tech Girl Relief mass"ahhh"ge via TheCubicleChick*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Go!Spa on Great Day St. Louis

Virgina Kerr LOVES our Shellac manicure!

We had the pleasure of having the beautiful Virginia Kerr from KMOV's Great Day St. Louis at Go!Spa a few weeks ago to try our favorite manicure -- Shellac!

Virginia's manicurist was Wonder who took GREAT care of her and explained what Shellac is ALL about! Watch the video below for Go!Spa Pro Wonder's TV debut! 


Virginia got her Shellac manicure on August 8th and the Great Day STL segment appeared on August 22nd--exactly 2 weeks later. Virginia's mani still looked shiny & new, no chipping at ALL! All you could see was her nail's new growth near the cuticle.

Virginia said she has never hot-glued, spray painted & decoupaged so much in her life & this manicure withstood it ALL Girlfriend! 

@RobynsWorld loves Shellac too!
We invited Robyn Wright from Robyns Online World to Go!Spa to try ourShellac manicure and share her experience (and results!) with her readers. Robyn really enjoyed Go!Spa and even opted for her first EVER pedi while here! Click here to read about Robyn's sp"ahh" experience. She even gave her readers a 14 day Shellacupdate -- no chipping, still shiny & just NEW growth! We've made Robyn a Go!Spa Girl -- she's on her THIRD Shellac now! 

shellac polish 
Give us a call to set up your 2-week manicure appointment!