Monday, September 12, 2011

High-Tech Relief for Texting, Tweeting & Facebooking Girlfriends!

Tech Girl massages for our texting, Tweeting, typing, Facebooking, clicking & overall hard-working Girlfriends! 

Joey worked closely with our Massage Therapists to create these two new mass"ahh"ges that cater specifically to our On-the-Go texting, Tweeting, blogging & Facebooking Girlfriends out there!  Sometimes we text and type all day long and don't really realize how much we are straining our muscles until the day is over and they are aching.  Let our Massage Pros ease the tension in your fingers, hands and arms (and give you a break from all that work, too)!

If you are typing, texting & Tweeting all day you need some Tech Girl or High Tech Relief girlfriend!
Try our two NEW techy massages today!

Tech Girl Relief  /  20 min.  /  $35
For maniac texters, keyboarders, Wii & social networking Girlfriends--here is a mini mass"ahh"ge to relieve carpal tunnel, wrist and forearm tendon strain from over-work & use. For tennis & sporty Girlfriends too!

High Tech Relief  /  40 min.  /  $55
40 minute custom massage to relieve strain of carpal tunnel area, wrist, and forearm associated with maniac texting, Tweeting, video gaming or just hard-working keyboarding Girlfriends. Neck & shoulder work included.


Call Go!Spa and set up YOUR Tech Girl or High Tech Relief massage today! (314)822-0772

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