Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding Balance in your Life Through Massage

Finding Balance in your Life Through Massage

 When I talk to people, I hear all kinds of reasons why people don't get massages as frequently as they should. Most people refuse to find the time because they feel the massage is "just so self-indulgent." The truth, however, is that although it may feel that way, allowing yourself the time and space to heal is not self-indulgent. In fact it is necessary and not giving yourself that space in which to decompress may contribute to a myriad of health issues. As people, we generally suffer from a severe lack of personal space, between facebook, twitter, television and others demanding our time and attention. But when was the last time you took time out for YOU? Feeling a little GUILTY about it? If you don't have personal time and space you should feel at least a smidgen of guilt. It's not fair to you and consequently, it's not fair to those around you. This act is essential for a physical and psychological health and if you aren't healthy how can you expect to take on the weight of the world. As so many others in your life probably expect you to? Getting bodywork has been proven over the ages to help relieve not only mental strain but also physical strain on the your body. I liken it to getting the oil changed in your car. To the engine, it feels really good but it is necessary for things to function properly. Not only does it prevent breakdowns but it improves gas mileage, ups the power and the longevity of the car.
Massage is the same way...
If you give yourself some personal space, someplace to let go and just be in the moment for yourself you will have more patience for those kids that may drive you bonkers, less take home stress from your job which affects how you interact with everyone from your spouse to the family pets.

When we find balance within our own body we untether the body's innate ability to heal. Begin your journey into BALANCE a mystical place that allows your mind to unlock the ability to heal your body. It will be worth the investment in yourself I promise.
So BOOK your MASSAGE today!

Sam Morrison

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