Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OPI Obsessed: OPI Axxium Mani

Hey Go!Spa Girlfriends,
Have you heard of the OPI Axxium Mani?

If you haven’t noticed, we are obsessed with anything & everything OPI.  From old favorites like Dutch Tulip and I’m Not Really a Waitress to the new Burlesque Collection, OPI always gives us new and exciting colors.   And right now, we are LOVING the OPI Axxium Mani for girls that want no chip nails.  If you haven’t heard of it, Axxium is a gel laquer that guarantees no chip for at least 14 days, but many Axxium lovers say their mani's can last up to 3 weeks!  Typical polishes last about 5 days so Axxium gives you the freedom to be pretty rough on them with the confidence that they will last!  Having trouble growing your nails?  Axxium also helps your nails grow due to the protective coat.  It comes in a variety of OPI shades, including some of our favorites like BubblebathBogata Blackberry, and Lincoln Park After Dark. Just a tip: lighter shades like Bubblebath appear to last even longer.
The OPI Axxium Mani is beloved by new mothers who are notorious for not being able to keep nail polish on due to excessive hand washing and wet wipe usage.  So just try and get your Axxium polish off with a wet wipe Girlfriend, its not gonna happen! And teachers and working professionals that are on key boards all day long swear by the long lasting effects of OPI Axxium.  So give us a call and see if Axxium is right for you!

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