Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CND Shellac is HERE Girlfriend!

a v a i l a b l e   n o w   a t 

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CND Shellac is HERE!!
Girlfriend, say goodbye to chips, smudges & dry time and say HELLO to Shellac!

Girlfriend, we are loving the latest & greatest from CND, Shellac! We know that you & your nails will love it, too!

CND's Shellac is a revolutionary nail product that is applied like polish, stays on for 14 days and comes off in minutes!

For all of our On-the-Go Girlfriends who notice that their fresh mani doesn't look so fresh after a few days, this is perfect for you! Working girls who are used to their polish chipping after a few days, look no further! 
This polish is SO great because you can literally dig in your purse for your keys and walk out the door right when you're done, you're nails are completely DRY! You can head back to work or out to lunch with no worries of smudging your fresh polish.

By the way, some of our Girlfriends who tried OPI's Axxium gel lacquer felt that the Axxium process was too long (1.5 hours!) but the CND Shellac process takes only 45 minutes and they love it! We'll have you out of here in no time, unless you want to stay of course!

Treat yourself to a Shellac Mani at Go!Spa. It costs $45 and takes just 45 minutes!


Our owner Joey Wilmsen tried CND's Shellac "Tutti Frutti," a fun bright pink that totally goes with our Go!Spa decor. This is what she had to say about CND Shellac:
"Okay Girlfriends, from the girl that NEVER wears color on her nails but owns a spa! LOL! I tried CND Shellac in "Tutti Frutti" before I left for a 10 day vacation to the beach. It lasted a full 14 days without chipping. My cuticle did grow out pretty early so I would personally do a light color in the future but what I really liked was that when I took it off, my nails were strong & maintained a beautiful shape as well! I'm trying "Negligee" next! And by the way, my polish was dry within seconds so I didn't have to worry about smudging them at all!"

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