Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lets Hear it for the Boys!

Listen up Guys!

Go!Spa isn't just for girls, you know?  We know that the Man of the House needs to relax, too!  Our 'Lets Hear it for the Boys' menu will cater to all of your pampering needs (and we know you have them)!  Some guys aren't interested in going to a spa and getting pampered and see these services as "feminine" but we really urge you to give it a chance and you will realize that it is a great investment in your health and self-confidence and STRESS RELIEF!  You might even want to join our GROOVE CLUB after your first visit!

Girlfriends--get your guy to the SPA!  Join him or treat him!  Are you looking for the perfect gift for the man on your list?  A Go!Spa gift card for anything from our 'Lets Hear it for the Boys' menu would be much appreciated!  Or you can spoil him rotten with an hour long mass"ahh"ge (make it a Couple's Mass"ahh"ge and there'll be something in it for the both of you)!

Guys, if you feel uncomfortable in the (PINK) spa setting, you can always go with a Girlfriend.  And don't worry -- MANY men have gotten past the pink doors and have become Go!Spa REGULARS!  Trust us: Go!Spa is Guy-Friendly and Approved!

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